How Does Orthodontics Compare to Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Both orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry work with your teeth to achieve a more aesthetic and pleasing smile. However, there can be some confusion over exactly what each branch of dentistry involves, and the difference between the two.

Today we’ll take a look at what both orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry can achieve, and the benefits of each treatment style.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Fast Results

The major appeal of cosmetic dentistry is how quickly results can be achieved. Done properly, cosmetic changes can not only give you a youthful, beautiful smile but also repair issues on worn, cracked or unhealthy teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is often used to correct problems that require quick attention. For example, if you chipped or broke your tooth during an accident, a cosmetic dentist can repair the damage or use porcelain crowns to cover it. Cosmetic dentistry can also be the answer if you want to bleach or reshape your teeth so they all match – especially important after fillings or if you have rough spots on some of your teeth.

Another time when cosmetic dentistry shines is when you’re trying to solve deep staining, such as the one caused by years of smoking or the use of tetracycline antibiotics. Teeth whitening, often a combination of laser whitening and at-home tray treatments is often recommended to people who have worn braces for a long time and might have uneven colouring when the braces finally come off.

Cosmetic dentistry can do one other thing that orthodontics also does: it can close the gap between teeth – although not in the same way. If you have gaps between your teeth, a cosmetic dentist can use veneers to cover your teeth and help you achieve a perfect smile in just a few visits. However, the solution will just be cosmetic, as your original teeth will remain in their original position.

Orthodontic Treatment – Long Lasting Results, Greater Health Benefits

Orthodontic treatment , on the other hand, can provide greater health benefits than just improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment typically makes use of braces , plates and retainers to rearrange the position of your teeth and move them into the right place, over time.

The slower orthodontic treatment has a number of benefits. For starters, it preserves the integrity of your own teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, sometimes it’s necessary to extract teeth – even healthy ones – in order to achieve the proper result.

If you have trouble sleeping or breathing because of the position of your teeth, or if you have jaw pain or difficulty chewing, it may be connected to bad teeth positioning. In this case you might require orthodontic treatment. The more pronounced the problem is, the higher the chances you will need braces rather than cosmetic treatment to truly correct the underlying problem.

Cosmetic dentistry is rarely recommended for children and teens because the jaw is still growing and teeth (like wisdom teeth) are still coming out. In this case, braces can be a much better choice.

So, Which Option to Choose?

Still confused about what option is better for you? Talking to an experienced and professional dentist is always the best way to figure the right treatment option for your particular case.

If you’d like to discuss your options with orthodontics as compared to cosmetic dentistry, book an appointment with the team at Tony Weir Orthodontics . Simply call (07) 3054 6763 or contact us online .


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