When do You Need an Orthodontist

Orthodontic treatments are suitable for people of all ages who are living with certain orthodontic symptoms and conditions. Whether your jaw clicks, you grind your teeth or you have a misaligned bite, Tony Weir Orthodontics can assist you.

With almost 30 years of experience, the team at Tony Weir Orthodontics specialise in a range of treatments, including conventional and lingual braces, plates and Invisalign. We can help you explore your orthodontic treatment options and ensure the best results.

Braces for You, Regardless of Your Age

While orthodontic treatments are often considered a rite of passage during youth, many adults also choose to pursue healthy, straight smiles. Tony Weir Orthodontics offers treatments for children, teenagers and adults, with discreet straightening solutions designed to suit people at all stages of life. This includes lingual braces, which are located behind your teeth, and the virtually invisible Invisalign aligners.

Learn more about having braces as an adult and some common concerns we can help you overcome.

Orthodontic Treatments

An orthodontist can assist you with a wide range of treatments including:

  • Bite irregularities: including underbites, crossbites and open bites. As experts in dental and facial irregularities, we can prescribe an orthodontic treatment to suit you.
  • Overcrowding: overcrowded teeth not only look bad, they can also cause many dental hygiene issues. We can provide a treatment option to correct your teeth and achieve a healthy, straight smile.
  • Gapped teeth: large gaps between your teeth can cause complications including speech problems and tooth decay. Orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign can close the gaps in your smile. We can also correct your smile when missing teeth have affected surrounding teeth.
  • Protruding teeth: front teeth that grow outwards are more prone to damage and can also affect the surrounding teeth.

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The best orthodontist in Brisbane will be able to treat a wide range of conditions for patients of all ages. Tony Weir Orthodontics will recommend the best treatment option for you, and we have two convenient locations in Corinda and Greenslopes. Contact us online for more information or book an appointment today.

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