Smiling Woman With White Teeth Holding Teeth Whitening Tray
NO. 1 Orthodontist in Brisbane
Smiling Woman With White Teeth Holding Teeth Whitening Tray
Dr Tony Weir has Over 30 Years Experience
Smiling Woman With White Teeth Holding Teeth Whitening Tray
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    Orthodontist Brisbane

    Invisalign Orthodontist for Brisbane

    Experienced Orthodontist with over 30 years of teeth-straightening experience in Brisbane.
    • Over 30 Years Experience
    • Saturday Appointments Available
    • Using The Latest Technology
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    Clearly Better Smiles At Tony Weir Orthodontics

    Looking for the best orthodontist in Brisbane?

    Dr Tony Weir is a highly experienced orthodontist offering premium oral health care for all your Brisbane orthodontic needs.

    We have two convenient locations in the southern part of Brisbane. Since 1990, Dr Tony Weir has been practising and developing the most effective treatments in this special field of dentistry.

    We pride ourselves on achieving Platinum-level certification from Invisalign® in 2005, having applied their high-quality invisible braces to over hundreds of patients. Because we believe in using only the best dental technology, we hope to provide our services with minimal discomfort and the best prices, all to ensure they leave us with an excellent and healthy set of teeth

    Expert team

    Dr Tony Weir has been practising Orthodontics since 1990 and knows the most effective and appropriate treatments in this area of dentistry.

    Modern technology

    We want our patients to have the best care possible and the results. For this reason, we have invested in the latest technology.

    Schedule an Appointment for a Beautiful Smile Today

    Orthodontics can give you the smile you have been dreaming of. By treating irregularities in teeth and jaw, orthodontics can provide long term health benefits to children and adults. Tony Weir Orthodontics offers a range of specialist orthodontic treatments in South Brisbane.

    To learn more about our orthodontics or to make an appointment, please contact us or book an appointment online. Ask us about lingual braces, orthodontic treatments, adult braces and any other dental requirement. You can even chat with us online!

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    Greenslopes Location


    A: 737 Logan Rod, Greenslopes QLD 4120

    P: 07 3278 1492


    _______Clinic Opening Hours._______

    Thursday: 7:45am - 4:45pm

    Sunday: Closed

    _________Reception Hours_________

    Mon: 9am – 4pm (on mondays we aren’t seeing patients)

    Tues: 9am – 4pm
    Wed: 8am – 3pm

    Corinda Location


    A: 667 Oxley Rd, Corinda QLD 4075

    P: 07 3278 1492


    _______Clinic Opening Hours________

    Monday: 7:45am - 4:45pm (every second Monday)

    Friday: 7:45am - 4:45pm

    Saturday: 7:45am - 1:00pm

    Sunday: Closed

    ________Reception Hours_______

    Monday: 9:00am - 4:00pm
    Tues: 9:00am - 4:00pm
    Wednesday: 8:00am - 3:00pm

    Changes to Dr Tony Weir's Schedule

    We would like to inform you of upcoming changes to Dr. Tony Weir's schedule, effective Monday, September 2nd. Please check back on the 2nd of September for updated dates!

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