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Using Elastics for Better Looking Teeth

Elastics are a type of rubber band that is attached to your braces, giving them the proper force to correct bite problems and move teeth. They’re an excellent solution for when loosening or tightening wires alone cannot solve an orthodontic issue.

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What If My Elastics Break?

At Tony Weir Orthodontics, we’ll be more than happy to provide you spare elastics if one of yours should break or get lost. You should always only use elastics provided specifically for you, by your orthodontist. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need new ones!

When are Elastics Recommended?

Elastics can be a very effective part of your orthodontic treatment when worn as directed.

Elastics pull the jaw forward or backward to line up your top and bottom rows of teeth to improve your smile and make your teeth fit together comfortably when you bite down. They can also be used to speed up the process of moving or straightening a tooth or teeth.

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When do I Wear my Elastics?

Elastics are worn full time, day and night – except when you’re brushing your teeth. They must be changed at least once a day, or if they happen to break.

This is necessary even if they do not break since they tend to lose elasticity and strength over time. It is recommended that whenever bands are taken out, they should be discarded and replaced with brand new ones.

Instructions may vary slightly from patient to patient, so be sure to follow your orthodontist’s advice.

This will make sure treatment continues on schedule, provides optimal results and you will avoid prolonging the process. If you don’t wear your elastics, your treatment time may take longer.

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