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Keep Your Smile Straight with Retainers

So you’ve completed your treatment plan with braces, and achieved your brand new beautiful smile – congratulations! We’re sure that’s given you something to smile about.

It’s very important that you continue following your orthodontist’s advice and plan, even after you’ve gotten your braces removed. To keep your teeth from shifting back, and continue correcting your bite and any minor teeth movements, we recommend using removable appliances – commonly known as retainers.

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Bonded Retainers

This common retainer is used for the lower front teeth. Bonded retainers are glued to the back of the lower six front teeth, with an option to leave it permanently in place to keep those teeth in position. These bonded retainers are very discreet, as they are on the inside of your teeth only.

Plate Retainers

Available for either the upper or lower arches, plate retainers will keep all your teeth secured and provide peace of mind after your orthodontic treatment.

Clear Retainers

This common retainer is used for the upper front teeth, available in a clear material. It’s recommended for wearing while sleeping, especially to prevent tooth movements during this time. Just pop your retainer in before bed after cleaning your teeth.

Banded Retainers

Banded retainers are provided for patients with specific dental issues. These appliances are glued to the back of the teeth and can be left permanently in place to ensure proper teeth correction.


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