Removable Appliances

Maintain your Beautiful New Smile with Removable Appliances

Twin Blocks

A twin block is an appliance used by orthodontists to correct bites where the lower jaw is too short to match the upper. It can only work in a growing patient.

Twin Blocks can be followed by braces to correct crowding or other orthodontic problems after the Twin Blocks do their job.

Twin Blocks are made by our technician from impressions (moulds) that we take of your teeth.

Your Twin Blocks are worn for 12-18 months to allow your lower jaw to grow sufficiently to match your upper jaw.

Once the appliance is given to you, only brief check visits are needed, usually every 2 months or so. After the first couple of days when your mouth is getting used to the Twin Blocks, there will usually be few problems and no interference with sports, speech or eating and teeth can be cleaned easily.

Twin Blocks are not readily seen by friends, and the moment a Twin Block appliance is placed in your mouth, it appears as though your short lower jaw is already corrected to its ideal length!

Important Information About Your Twin Blocks

  • The Twin Blocks MUST be worn 12-14 hours per day minimum. Without this level of wear treatment will NOT be successful
  • If there is any reason why you cannot wear your Twin Blocks, please inform us immediately
  • If you lose or break your Twin Blocks there will be a replacement fee charged.
Your Twin Blocks will work unless:
  • You are not wearing them enough OR You are no longer growing
  • If you do not think you can guarantee the necessary cooperation, please do not choose Twin Blocks
  • If the appliances are not being worn as directed, treatment will be terminated and braces will need to be used to correct your jaw problem, possibly with extraction of permanent teeth.
  • Twin Blocks do not straighten crooked teeth. If crooked teeth are a concern to you, then braces are a better option.

Caring for your Twin Blocks

  • Never wear for: 
    • eating
    • cleaning teeth
    • playing sport or swimming
  • When you are not wearing them, place them in the protective case provided
  • Clean your Twin Blocks twice daily with toothbrush, toothpaste and cold water (NOT hot water).
  • Do not leave your Twin Blocks where they can get hot (eg dashboard of your car). Keep them away from dogs. 
  • A good place to leave your Twin Blocks when you are not wearing them is in the refrigerator. 
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Plates are combinations of plastic and wire that can be taken in and out by the patient. They are used for simple tooth movements. Not every problem can be treated with a plate.


The more a plate is worn, the faster it works. It is never worn for eating, swimming, playing sport, or tooth cleaning, and can be removed for important social activities. Plates cause only minor discomfort initially, which passes in the first few days. Speech and swallowing are also only temporarily affected.

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tony weir orthodontist brisbane retainer


Yes! Plates are available in: Clear, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue or Purple, and any of these can be mixed with glitter!


An impression (mould) of your teeth is taken and sent to our technician. Once your plate is made (about a week) we fit your plate, and give you an instruction sheet and a case to keep it in.


Short visits to adjust your plate every 4-8 weeks are all that is usually needed.

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