Why Teens May Need Adult Braces

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Did you have braces as a teenager but have found that your smile has lost some of its straightness over the years? Many adults don’t realise that neglecting to wear their removable retainers could be one of the most common reasons they require braces later in life.

For some adults, a second round of braces will be required to address teeth that have shifted back and become misaligned. Braces may also be required later in life to address issues with your bite, which can have an effect on your whole body. Read on to find out more about the reasons why you many need adult braces.

Wear Your Retainer after Braces for Best Results

If you’ve been through the experience of braces, you’ll want to hold onto that new smile. After all, a lot of time, care, and money go into aligning your teeth.

It’s vital that you continue to follow your orthodontist’s advice and plan, even after you’ve had your braces removed. To keep your teeth from shifting back and continue correcting your bite, you must keep wearing devices such as plates and retainers , as advised by your orthodontist.

Correct Your Bite with Adult Braces

Many people believe that braces and other orthodontic treatments are only about appearances and therefore opt to skip them.

However, orthodontic treatment doesn’t just improve the aesthetics of your smile – it also works to improve your bite. Misaligned bites, either through overbite or underbite, can cause pain you might not even know is related to your teeth, through headaches and muscular pain as well as issues with digestion.

In this way, braces can have a positive effect on your overall health that goes much deeper than improving your appearance.

Improve Your Sleep with Orthodontics

Braces can also help adults who have trouble sleeping or breathing because of the position of their teeth. If you have jaw pain, difficulty chewing, or you grind your teeth at night, it may be connected to bad teeth positioning. In this case, you might require orthodontic treatment such as adult braces.

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