Advantages of Having Straight Teeth

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Thinking about getting braces? The team at Tony Weir has collated a list of very valid reasons why straight teeth matter and the benefits that come with a beautiful smile.

Health Benefits Associated With Straight Teeth

When your teeth are misaligned, food particles can lodge between your teeth resulting in an increased chance of plaque build-up. This translates into a snowball effect because the more food build-up, the more plaque; therefore, the more concern for periodontal disease and gum disease.

An improper bite also means you can’t chew food properly, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems. Since your oral and body health is connected, it is imperative to correct any oral conditions or irregularities to avoid serious health problems from occurring. If your teeth remain misaligned, this can pose a risk to your overall health.

Again, a trickle-down effect takes place. Gum disease is a common issue faced by those with misaligned teeth as a result of plaque build-up which leads to tooth decay and erosion. Gum disease causes inflammation of the gums which, in severe cases, can lead to serious systemic health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.

Remember, inflammation is not your friend and should be avoided at all costs. Deciding to correct your misaligned teeth can most certainly keep your teeth looking aesthetically pleasing as well as keeping your overall health in check.

Straight Teeth To Enhance Your Appearance

Thanks to advances in dental technology, braces have evolved considerably over the past 15 years. The days of referring to people wearing braces as “metal mouth” are done and dusted. More lightweight and cosmetically friendly options are now available and widely used as the preferred choice for orthodontic treatment. These include:

Invisible braces: At Tony Weir Orthodontics, we make sure that the shape will be ideal to your case in order to get the results you want. As an option, instead of the metal brackets used on conventional braces, we use tooth coloured brackets which are virtually invisible and very difficult to detect.

The length of the treatment will depend on how far the teeth need to be moved. Some treatments can take a few months while there are other cases that may need longer treatment.

Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces: Patients wear a series of clear, removable orthodontic aligners that are adjusted as the teeth shift into place without metal or wires.

The best part, Invisalign is virtually invisible! However, unlike braces, these clear aligners can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth as usual.

The course of treatment involves changing aligners approximately every two weeks, progressively moving your teeth into straighter position until the desired result is achieved—a beautiful straight smile.

Cosmetic Benefits for Teens and Professionals

Invisalign and invisible braces have become very popular alternatives to metal braces among adults and also teens.

For adults, they can make a great difference not only to their personal but also their professional lives, and with new technology such as Invisalign, young professionals now have the option to remove their ‘braces’ at any given time, should they need to for a special meeting, dinner date etc.

Which Orthodontic Option is Best For You?

Everyone is unique, and so are your teeth and although one option may be suited to one person it may not suit another. That is why it is imperative to have your mouth professionally examined.

Here at Tony Weir Orthodontics in Greenslopes and Corinda we will conduct a full mouth examination, complete with x-rays to assess your mouth and determine the best orthodontic treatment plan for you.

Our dentist will work closely with you to ensure you are comfortable and confident with the various options available so you can make the best decision for you.

It’s Never Too Late To Get Braces

Both children and adults alike can benefit from braces treatment. For children, it is recommended to start treatment when they have all their permanent teeth, usually by the age of 7 or 8.

Although more time is needed for adults to get the final results, you will see that the final result of the treatment will be just as effective.

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