What are the Features of an Ideal Bite?

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Human teeth are designed to fit together almost perfectly in a very specific pattern (the “ideal bite”).

From the side, the upper front teeth should be sitting in front of the lower teeth, so that the upper teeth sit ahead of the bottom ones and the upper molars should also be sitting between the two molar teeth so that there are no spaces between them in order to prevent wear on the tips of the molars.

From the front, the upper front teeth should be overlapping the bottom ones by no more than a third of the way down the bottom teeth; and all upper back molars should be meshing with the lower ones. And lastly, in a transversal direction (from inside to out), the upper molars should be biting outside the inner molars.

In most cases, there is a way to attain this ideal bite, contact Tony Weir Orthodontics today for an appointment.


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