Extraction of Teeth In Orthodontic Treatment

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No one likes to have teeth removed. There are often orthodontic treatment options that may reduce or eliminate the need to take out teeth. However, extraction of teeth is a procedure that is sometimes necessary in orthodontic treatment to provide an ideal aesthetic, functional, stable and healthy outcome for the patient.

Extraction may be necessary in the following situations:

  • Where teeth are damaged by decay or trauma
  • When the size of the jaws is inadequate to accommodate all the teeth
  • To camouflage an imbalance between the jaws for a patient who is no longer growing, or who does not wish to undergo jaw surgery
  • Where a tooth or teeth are too badly positioned to be able to be put in place and may damage other teeth.

To determine whether tooth removal is required an orthodontist needs to examine the patient’s teeth and bite, discuss the patient’s requirements with them, and obtain necessary radiographs (x-rays). Once all the necessary information is obtained the best decision can be made.

Extractions requested by your orthodontist are actually performed by your family dentist or possibly an Oral Surgeon for severely impacted or problem teeth. The extractions are usually carried out 2 weeks or so before commencing active orthodontic treatment. The orthodontic treatment will then close the spaces created gradually over the course of treatment, using the space to straighten teeth and correct the bite.


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