Experience the Benefits of Braces

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Braces do much more than just straighten your teeth

At Tony Weir Orthodontics in Corinda and Greenslopes our orthodontic professionals are passionate about helping our patients achieve beautiful smiles, as well as enhancing their dental health and much more.

A tried and tested treatment

Braces have been used to help people straighten smiles for many decades. Despite this, it’s not just straighter teeth that braces can help people achieve. There are a number of reasons why braces and orthodontic treatment can be both necessary and beneficial.

The benefits of braces:

Improve your dental health

Crooked or misaligned teeth can wreak havoc on the health of your smile and your ability to effectively remove plaque each day. Misaligned teeth can place an unnecessary pressure on the surrounding teeth and soft tissues and can eventually cause concerns such as gum disease.

Crooked teeth can pose as an obstacle when flossing or brushing. If areas of your teeth are repeatedly missed in your oral hygiene routine they can become vulnerable to decay and the build-up of damaging bacteria.

By correcting misplaced teeth you can achieve a simpler oral hygiene routine that can help to ensure that you are protecting every one of your teeth.

Correct your bite

A malocclusion is a misalignment between your upper and lower jaw. A malocclusion, otherwise known as a misaligned bite pattern, can be extremely damaging to your teeth, your jawbone and you overall dental health. There are a number of reasons why it is important to correct a misaligned bite, these reasons include:

  • Misaligned dental arches can interfere with your chewing pattern, impacting your digestive system and making food harder to masticate (chew).
  • A malocclusion can pose difficulties when performing your oral hygiene routine which can ultimately lead to tooth decay and in extreme cases even tooth loss.
  • The incorrect alignment of your dental arches can place an unnecessary strain on your teeth, muscles and jawbones which can increase the risk of tooth loss and discomfort.
  • Misaligned dental arches can cause a lisp or impair speech

Improve your facial appearance

Orthodontic treatment can improve your facial profile. A misaligned bite can disrupt the structure of your face as the jaw is not in the correct position. Braces can help to reposition the jaws in order to achieve facial harmony between your dental arches.

Enhance the appearance of your smile

Last, but definitely not least, braces can help to enhance the appearance of your smile. By bringing your teeth into the correct alignment our dental professionals can give you a smile that makes the most of your appearance.

A treatment plan tailored to your smile

Tony Weir Orthodontics in Corinda and Greenslopes can help patients of all ages achieve a straight smile, as well as excellent dental health. Our orthodontic professionals will develop a treatment plan that is suited to your lifestyle and your teeth, as well as walk you through every step of your treatment.

If you would like to find out more about our orthodontic treatments, or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Corinda or Greenslopes practice locations.


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