Enjoy Career Success with a Straight Smile

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Invisalign ® conducted an exclusive survey to learn more about Australian women’s attitudes and feelings towards appearance in relation to their career advancement.

4 in 5 Australian women believe that having a great healthy smile will improve their chances of success at work.

Smiling = Success In The Workplace

  • Nearly 60% of young Australian women say that those with straight teeth are more likely than those with crooked teeth to get the job when competing with someone who has similar skill set and experience.
  • 4 in 5 Australian women believe that having a great healthy smile will improve their chances of success at work.
  • There is almost universal agreement that having a great smile is important in the workplace:
    • It is seen as important when meeting new clients (95%)
    • When dealing with customers (93%),
    • When making successful presentations (91%),
    • When handling customer complaints (86%)
    • When dealing with colleagues (84%).
  • The majority of young Australian women (81%) have consciously flashed a smile in order to improve their chance of success . This is most commonly done in job interviews (59%).
  • 75% of young Australian women hold the opinion that people who smile a lot are more likely to be successful.

When Are Australians Flashing Their Smile The Most and Why

  • 51% of young Australian women flash their smiles to convey confidence.
  • Young Australian women flash their smile for a number of reasons and to express a variety of emotions.
    • They are significantly more likely to flash a smile to convey that they are friendly (83%).
    • They are more likely to convey that they’re a nice person (67%) or confident (51%) – it conveys so much more than happiness.

4 Tips For Career Advancement

  1. Know Yourself
    • What’s your story? How did you get to where you are now? Conduct an honest self-assessment.
    • What do you like to do?
    • What are your strengths?
    • What is really important to you?
    • What are your areas for self-improvement?
  1. Decide What You Want From Your Career Now and In The Future
  2. Explore Networking Both Online And In-Person Events
  3. Take Action

Adult clear braces woman in business Action can mean asking advice from family and friends. You might also consider researching the latest skills or getting experience that you will need to advance to the next level in current employment, or perhaps pursuing further education.

With 4 in 5 Australian women believing that a healthy smile will improve their chances of success in the workplace, it can be an easy first step to have your Orthodontist discuss your personal treatment plan towards your straight smile.

Our professional team of highly qualified staff can talk to you about the cost of adult braces and the benefits of ” invisible braces ” using the Invisalign® Treatment Plan.

There are really only two types of facial expressions – Passive or Smiling!

Call today to discover more about how we can help you reach your career goals with a beautiful, engaging smile.


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