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Finally finishing orthodontic treatment is one of the greatest moments any patient can achieve. It can be a relief to have your braces removed or to no longer have to use Invisalign aligners but once the orthodontics come off it is important to take measures to prevent your teeth from falling back into place…

Even though teeth do not indirectly ‘fall’ back into place after months upon months of gradually moving with orthodontic treatment, they can be prone to shifting. This shift is due to the lack of pressure that is being placed on them by your orthodontic treatment and teeth have been known to slowly relax after the pressure has been taken off and start to shift back to their previous position. To prevent this from happening, many orthodontic treatments will require dental appliances after their removal to prevent this from happening. At Tony Weir Dental we offer our Greenslopes and Corinda patient’s comprehensive removal appliances to help their transition from orthodontic treatment to a straight new hassle free smile and reduce the chance of shifting.

What is a dental appliance?

A dental appliance is a retainer that is placed inside your mouth to prevent teeth from moving back to their original position and in some cases; they are also used to carry out minor tooth movements or can even correct a bad bite. These dental appliances are very effective when worn but require a little attentiveness because they are removable. At Tony Weir Dental we offer four types of dental appliances:

Plate Retainers…

These wire and plastic plate retainers are created to conform to the contours of your upper and lower arches. The plate retainers prevent your teeth from moving and can provide piece of mind after your orthodontic treatment. Plate retainers will require dental check-ups to ensure that they are continuing to provide your teeth with a stable structure to prevent teeth movement.

Bonded Retainer…

This is the most common type of retainer for the lower front teeth that is fixed onto the back of your teeth. Bonded retainers are usually glued to the back of the lower six front teeth and can be left permanently in place in order to ensure that the teeth will not shift position.

Clear Retainers…

Clear retainers are similar to Invisalign aligners as they are clear plastic and virtually invisible in appearance. The clear retainers are usually worn every day and night; then over the course of your treatment they will be gradually worn only at night and then every second night so that your teeth learn to become stable on their own.

Banded Retainers…

Banded Retainers are used when malocclusion (bite) or jaw misalignment are evident. These retainers are glued to the back of the teeth and can be left permanently to ensure that the treated teeth do not move.

Dental Retainers are very simple to care for and do not inhibit your daily life…

Retainers do the job of preventing all the hard work you have gone through in correcting your teeth with your orthodontic treatment. While some are permanent options to avoid teeth shifting, the removable options will generally only require a few months of wearing to help solidify the results of your treatment. At Tony Weir Dental we are dedicated to helping out Greenslopes and Carinda patients to achieve their new and improved smiles well after their orthodontic treatments have finished.

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