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Braces can be used to treat a variety of teeth misalignment issues, including straightening unbalanced or ‘wonky’ teeth, to correct a troublesome cross-bite, to separate teeth that are crowded together or to close up teeth that are spaced too far apart.

As well as straightening and enhancing the appearance of your smile braces can also improve your overall dental health by reducing the amount of pressure placed on your gums and jaw.

An invisible brace!

Many people who would usually consider braces are put off by the unsightly metal wires and brackets, and if this is you then lingual braces could be the answer. Lingual braces are thought to be the best kind of non-visible brace, combining both effectiveness and aesthetics. They are constructed using non-visible wires and brackets that are attached to the back of the teeth rather than the front. This means that you can get a straighter smile without unsightly metal brackets disrupting the beauty of your smile.

A fast and effective solution

Lingual braces are just as effective as traditional braces and produce the same results in the same amount of time. They are perfect if you want a straighter smile without any disruption to the shape of your lips when you close your mouth. They are virtually invisible and cannot be seen during regular conversation with others.

The dedicated staff at Tony Weir Orthodontics are committed to helping you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

For more information at the lingual orthodontic options available at Tony Weir Orthodontics, or to book an appointment at our comfortable practice in Brisbane, please contact us.


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