What should I eat while wearing braces?

Getting braces is an exciting time, it doesn’t hurt but you might feel a bit of pressure on your teeth and they may be tender for a few days, so taking care of them is a very important step!

Determining the foods you can eat all comes down to what braces you get; Invisalign or traditional braces. If you get an Invisalign you are free to eat whatever you would like. This is because with an Invisalign, you take it out to eat, but don’t forget to put it back in and clean your teeth when you are done eating!

If you get traditional braces, it is highly recommended that you stay from hard foods such as hard candy, toffee, hards bread, crunchy vegetables and fruit, nuts, gum etc. Generally, you try to avoid any hard foods that could cause harm to the braces and which could get stuck in between them.

Whilst you have your braces on you will have periodic appointments to see your orthodontist to get them adjusted and make sure everything is going well. If you have any issues with your braces, make sure to make an appointment with your orthodontist right away as leaving them can damage them further and make it harder to fix.




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