Correcting your Child’s Bite: The Affordable Way

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Correcting bits in children without Braces.

Functional appliances are plates used by orthodontists to correct bites in growing children. The most common bite problem is where the front teeth protrude further than the lower teeth causing a bucktooth effect. In a growing child, this sort of problem can be corrected using functional appliances. A function appliance works by stimulating an exercise that promotes change in the way that the jaw and teeth are developing and results in a correcting of the teeth overlap as the teeth and jaw grow.

Functional appliances are an excellent means of correcting bites in growing children and are cheaper and more economical than braces.

Resolve your child’s orthodontic treatment early with functional appliances.

Find out more about functional appliances and whether they are a good fit for your family-  Contact Dr Tony Weir


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