Post Braces Care

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Getting your braces off is an exciting time as you can finally show off your new smile.

After the time and effort put into achieving your dream smile it’s important to maintain those straight teeth. This is why orthodontists and dentists prescribe retainers. Wearing a retainer is a reliable way to ensure that your teeth stay in place.

Once your braces have been removed you’ll most likely experience extra sensitivity, so we recommend avoiding extra hot or cold foods for a little bit, just until your teeth adjust. This also applies to crunchy or chewy foods. Whilst you may be eager to embrace your new smile, we suggest waiting a month or two after removal before getting your teeth whitened. This process can be uncomfortable on sensitive teeth, so it’s best to avoid!

Hopefully, you were able to maintain good dental hygiene throughout the braces period, but it’s still important to have checkups and cleans after they have been removed. A good, post-braces clean, will ensure that any built-up tartar is removed. Then it’s up to you to maintain a good routine with flossing and brushing your teeth, as well as your retainer.

The initial period after your braces are removed is the most crucial. This is when your teeth are going to do the most moving as they settle and adjust, without the braces holding them in place. This movement is why orthodontists recommend wearing a retainer straight away. It’s not possible to over-wear a retainer. It’s best to wear it as much as possible to maintain your dream smile. Retainers are ideal because they are removable, so when you’re eating or brushing your teeth you can easily take it off. However, be sure to put the retainer back in its case. You don’t want to lose your retainer in a restaurant or risk a pet turning it into a chew toy!

Just like braces, retainers may feel odd at first. You might experience more saliva in your mouth or talking could become harder, but with time you’ll adjust to the retainer. Unlike braces though, retainers are much more comfortable as no wires or brackets are rubbing your cheeks.

Your mouth is ever-growing and changing, including the position of your teeth, so it’s important to follow the braces process with maintenance measures which is why we recommend wearing a retainer for as long as possible, even for life. At first, it’s best to keep the retainer on as much as possible, but after some time, nighttime wear will suffice. Further down the track just a few nights a week could be enough to maintain your straight teeth, however, it all depends on your and your teeth, as every mouth is different!


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