Never Too Old For Braces

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Adult braces are a viable option to fix crooked teeth and enhance your orofacial appearance!

When it comes to braces Dr Tony Weir is an expert! He is experienced in fitting braces for all age groups and he has a range of options to blend with your lifestyle and requirements. For one reason or another you may have crooked teeth. This can occur because you never received orthodontic assistance when you were a child or because the alignment of your teeth has been affected by negative orofacial posture or an injury or accident. No matter what the reason you can rest assured that Tony Weir Orthodontics in Brisbane can help you achieve the smile that you’ve been longing for.

There’s no reason to be nervous about getting braces when you’re an adult

When adults visit our Brisbane practice they often express feelings of anxiety when it comes to their orthodontic treatment. If you are nervous about your orthodontic consultation or if you are simply worried about how you will look when you get braces then our helpful and friendly team can guide you through the process. It’s important to remember that whatever braces treatment you select will only be temporary, and it will be a means to an end. When it comes down to it, crooked teeth are aesthetically displeasing and although many people believe that braces are distracting they work towards a better smile and more confident persona.

There are alternative braces options to suit every requirement and preference

Braces nowadays don’t have to be the chunky metal braces which were once the norm. Although traditional braces are a completely viable option they are not the only option when it comes to orthodontic therapy and you should feel free to talk to Tony Weir about your options. If the way you look is important in your job, or simply a personal preference you may wish to analyse our alternative options. Here at our Brisbane practice we are proud to offer the popular options such as Invisalign, lingual braces, clear braces and traditional orthodontics.

Invisalign is the perfect option for appearance conscious people

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment which utilises a series of transparent aligners. These aligners – which look a lot like mouth guards – are used to gradually guide your teeth into alignment, much like traditional braces but without the metal brackets and wires. Many adults prefer this option as it enables them to carry out their everyday activities without people noticing that they’re having orthodontic treatment. They are also removable which means that you can remove them for special events like work dinners, weddings or simply for photographs. This option is just as effective as traditional braces and it generally will not take any longer than metal braces if your treatment plan is complied with correctly.

Other types of braces to align your smile for a flawless grin

Lingual braces and clear braces are two similar options. Lingual braces are traditional braces attached to the back of the teeth, which conceals them from view. This option may take a while to get used to the feeling, and can cause some speech difficulties in the first couple of weeks although it is still a very effective and cosmetically pleasing solution. Clear braces refer to the tooth-coloured versions of traditional braces and are worn in the same way. They are virtually invisible on the teeth although they will feel mostly the same as traditional braces would.

If you are interested in finding out more about the orthodontics treatments on offer at Tony Weir Orthodontics in Brisbane please do not hesitate to contact us.


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