How to Keep Invisalign Trays Clean

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A little more than 3 million people are using Invisalign to bring their teeth into perfect alignment. These braces are made out of clear plastic, making them invisible. People of all age groups can use Invisalign to correct uneven teeth. Since these retainers don’t draw attention, they’re ideal for those who are embarrassed by traditional metallic braces. Moreover, they’re entirely removable at home, so patients can carry on brushing and flossing as usual without having to worry about gathering particles in the space between the aligners and their teeth.

Cleaning Invisalign Trays

While Invisalign can offer you great results, you must know how to care for your trays so that they last you for at least 2 weeks and they don’t end up smelling bad. Invisalign trays have to be cleaned at least once a day. You can use regular denture cleaning tablets for this purpose or special Invisalign crystals that are only available through certain orthodontists in Australia. The cost of the latter is quite high, which is why many patients opt for regular denture cleaning tablets instead. If you feel your tray has trapped food or small particles, you must remove it, brush it lightly with a regular toothbrush, rinse it and put it back on. That being said, you also need to brush your teeth before you put on clean Invisalign trays. There’s no point in wearing clean trays on teeth that are full of bacteria or plaque.

While some people prefer using toothpaste to clean their aligners, you must exercise caution when you do this. Abrasive toothpaste could scratch the aligners leaving them looking a bit dull. So if you want to use toothpaste instead of denture cleaning products, look for a non-abrasive one.

Easy Maintenance of Invisalign Trays

Always remember to remove your trays before eating meals or even snacks. Don’t leave your trays lying around in the open and make sure you put them back in the case when they’re not being used. Make sure you avoid leaving them out of your mouth for extended periods of time; doing so will only delay tooth alignment and prolong treatment.

Don’t throw away your trays before the set 2 week period or unless otherwise instructed. Your orders are custom-made so if you lose your trays or throw them away you might be left without a set. Also, refrain from putting your aligners into hot water. They are made out of acrylic and will get damaged beyond repair.

Orthodontists will ask you to leave your trays on for at least 18-22 hours a day for speedy results, so make sure you keep your aligners on while you sleep at night.

If you have any queries about Invisalign trays, get in touch with the professionals at Tony Weir Orthodontics in Brisbane. We are platinum-level certified by Invisalign for having successfully applied Invisalign trays on more than 100 patients. Our knowledge and expertise have transformed the smile of patients for more than 20 years.

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