Fees and Payment Options


Each treatment is completely tailored to you.

At Tony Weir Orthodontics, the majority of our enquiries are regarding fees for orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer, much like there are no standard solutions for orthodontic treatment.

Rest assured that we aim to give you a great smile that lasts as well as is great value for money.

What affects the cost?

Several areas vary the cost of orthodontic treatment significantly. For instance:

  • Do both arches of teeth need treatment or only one?
  • What sort of braces do you wish to have?
  • Are there alternatives to having braces such as Invisalign?
  • How long does the treatment take to complete?

After we have discussed your requirements, examine your teeth, jaws, profile and any necessary x-rays have been taken; we will provide you with a detailed treatment quotation and a payment plan to help.

How do our fees compare?

We do not pride ourselves on being the cheapest practice in town. We use the best, and most appropriate, orthodontic products available. We provide a premium service completed by highly trained dental professionals supported by staff and technicians all experienced in helping you get the perfect smile.

Where exceptional service meets expertise

As part of your experience, you will find that we provide exceptional service, expertise and care to all of our patients. We will also guarantee to inform you of all available choices of treatment, and the pros and cons of the various alternatives. You are in good hands.

Health Insurance

Our patients deal with many different health insurance funds. Each fund has different rules about what treatments and what cost is covered. It is your responsibility to direct questions and seek information from your health fund. We will provide you with a written quote to facilitate this process.

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