Lesser Known Facts about Orthodontics

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Orthodontics are crucial for achieving the perfect smile, however some people may be unsure about going ahead with getting braces or Invisalign due to misconceptions or little research. Here are some facts about orthodontics to help you.

There is no age limit

You can start your smile journey at any age! It isn’t only teenagers who can achieve their dream smile. Over the years, orthodontists have developed braces and other ways of perfecting your teeth, even once you’ve finished growing. The development of Invisalign also means that you can straighten your teeth without needing visible braces. Due to the accessibility of modern braces, anyone can get braces, of any age, so you won’t be the only one with braces.

They aren’t painful

If you are putting off starting your treatment because you’re concerned about the pain, you needn’t worry. Braces are no longer painful. There will inevitably be some discomfort, but it only lasts for a few days. 

There have always been crooked teeth

Crooked teeth aren’t a new development, people have struggled with crooked teeth forever. Eventually, people came up with ways of correcting their crooked teeth and bite. Egyptian mummies were discovered with metal braces on their teeth and in 400 BC Hippocrates documented crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. It wasn’t until the 1700s that a French dentist wrote about a dental treatment which was the beginning of braces as we know them today.

It won’t take years 

Another cause for concern for people contemplating getting braces can be the timeframe. Traditionally braces could take 2 or more years to completely transform a smile, however, now they are discreet and efficient. Invisalign and braces can mean you have a brand new smile within a year. However, it is case by case, so timeframes will vary according to your teeth and jaw. 

They don’t just straighten your teeth

Straightening your teeth isn’t only a cosmetic fix, it’s also important for adjusting your bite. Once your bite is fixed other issues such as breathing problems, difficulty speaking and issues with biting and chewing will be alleviated.

The myths aren’t true 

There are several myths surrounding braces that you should be aware of, as they’re simply myths. So despite what you may have heard, remember that you can:

  1. You can still play sports
  2. You can still play musical instruments
  3. Braces don’t set off metal detectors
  4. Braces don’t interfere with radio signals
  5. Braces aren’t magnetic
  6. You won’t get tangled when kissing someone else with braces

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