Learn How 3D Digital Imaging Is Making Your New Smile Picture-Perfect In Rapid Time.

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Your teeth need straightening.

You can’t stop thinking about it. It has bothered you for a while now and so you’ve started your online research, asking questions like:

  • How much does it cost to fix crooked teeth?
  • How long does it take to get your teeth straigthened?
  • How many visits do I have to go through with my Orthodontist?
  • How does Invisilign® work ?

As technology enters every aspect of our lives, commonly called The Internet-Of-Things (IoT), it gets even better for both you and Orthodontists like me. Both of us can be awe-inspired!

How We Use Computer Technology With Orthodontic Treatments

What you also need to know is that State-of-the Art technology has simplified and virtually perfected the process of how leading Orthodontists approach correcting crooked teeth for children, teenagers and adults.

Using Digital Scanners to Prepare Your Invisalign® Treatment Program

Thanks to the advances in modern technology, we can now combine the iTero™ digital scanner system with Invislign® – an “invisible braces” treatment program – to produce a 3D model of your teeth and gums. The combination of these two great treatments means that you can get in and out of our office in record time. It means less time off work and less time in-between treatments, with greater comfort and precision.

3 Easy Steps To Create Your 3D Impression Before Your Invisalign® Treatment

Forward-thinking Orthodontists look for and are professionally trained in the latest advances in our field. Nothing could be more messy than taking impressions the old way with the “goo” on the tray!

Today, we use digital imaging with the ITero™ system. This is how the system works.

  1. The Wand – We are fully trained to use the wand to traverse your tooth surface and gum tissue to carefully capture digital images.
  1. The Scan – You will be amazed to see on the TV monitor your 3D digital impression of your teeth evolve before you very eyes.
  1. The 3D Model is sent to the computer to build a model of your teeth and gums.

Get Your New Smile Even Faster With Digital 3D Imaging

It’s never been easier, more convenient or more comfortable to see your dental impression in 3D digital format and in real-time.

Gone are the old ways of wiggling a goo-filled tray filled into your mouth that nearly makes you gag. No more dreading the second or third attempt to get your impression just right.

Why Combine 3D Imaging With An Invisalign® Treatment Plan?

  • Comfortable – You can breathe naturally, with no gagging, no discomfort or unpleasant taste.
  • Safe – It does not expose you to radiation as it uses a laser to generate the images.
  • Accurate – Precise fit of Invisalign® braces, aligners and retainers. It eliminates the need to retake multiple impressions.
  • Fast – You can see your 3D model in real-time, reducing the wait time to get your new Invisilign® treatment plan.

You already know how computer technology and mobile phones are changing the way you connect, communicate and socialise.

Don’t wait to contact our office for a consultation and discussion how 3D digital imaging and your very own Invisalign® treatment plan can have you smiling! Contact us now


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