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If you’re looking for a beautifully straight smile without the appearance of braces, Invisalign may be the solution for you. Known as the clear alternative to braces, Invisalign are perfect for people of all ages and all occupations. During this time of uncertainty, Invisalign are a great option for your teeth straightening journey as they are much easier to maintain safely from home. Whilst they require fewer appointments than traditional braces, it’s important that you care for them properly. Without proper cleaning and care, you could damage the aligners or get an infection, so we will take you through the care process when you visit us for your consultation and fitting, but we have also listed some care instructions for you.

You should be cleaning your aligners and tray every morning and evening. Bacteria builds up and without a thorough clean, this can become problematic. Not only will this ensure your aligners last longer, but it’s also crucial for your oral hygiene.

You will find that you have to remove your aligners multiple times throughout the day, we recommend you rinse them each time. This will remove any plaque and dried saliva. Sometimes you may need to give them a gentle scrub throughout the day, so it helps to always carry what you need wherever you go- a small, soft-bristled toothbrush and some clear anti-bacterial soap will do the trick!

Don’t forget your general dental hygiene! As usual, it’s important to brush and floss twice a day before you put the aligners back on. It’s important to do this as food particles can get stuck against the aligner and cause problems down the track.

If you aren’t wearing your aligners, they should be stored in their case. If they are out in the open they are more exposed to germs. This also puts them at risk of getting a build-up of bacteria, putting you at risk of getting an infection. It’s also important to store them properly as you will be less likely to lose or break them!

Whilst travelling may be limited at the moment, you should always be prepared for any long trips. Make sure you pack what you need to ensure your Invisalign are properly cared for while you’re away. If you are expecting to be away when you should be switching to the next set, be sure to pack these too, this will mean you can smoothly continue the process even while you’re away.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to Invisalign is that they need to be removed when eating or drinking, not only can you risk damaging them, but food can get stuck in between your teeth and the aligners. The only drink you can have with Invisalign on is water. You risk staining them when consuming other drinks, especially those high in sugar.

Not only do food and drinks cause staining, but scented or coloured toothpaste can discolour the aligners too. So it’s best to avoid these when it comes to cleaning your aligners and trays.

The best at-home cleaning methods are those that provide a thorough clean and minimise the risk of infection. You may automatically assume that hot water will do the trick, however, Invisalign will warp under heat, so only use warm water along with the following methods:

-Antibacterial Soap: Soak the aligners in warm water and soap and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly.

-Mouthwash: We recommend avoiding the coloured options, but a whitening mouthwash will do the trick. Again, brush and rinse well.

-Vinegar: Create a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar for the aligners to soak in. Brush and rinse thoroughly afterwards.


By properly caring for your Invisalign you can minimise the number of appointments you need to attend, which we understand people are wanting to avoid during this time. We are able to discuss any issues you may experience over the phone, from here we can decide whether you require a face-to-face appointment.


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