How to Get Your Teeth Looking Their Best with Braces

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Do you find that your smile troubles you?

It’s not an uncommon experience for anyone who has dental issues, especially if they’re embarrassed about crooked teeth or an overbite. However, a good smile is a key asset in your personal appearance and has been considered one of the most important tools in interactive communication. With even a 100-millisecond-long glance, you can tell a lot about someone by checking their smile.

Why Your Teeth’s Appearance Matters

While it may sound vain to say so, physical attractiveness is a key measurement for many areas of life, from choosing friends and soul mates to securing employment and a higher level of income. As mentioned before, a good smile is one of the best signs of physical attractiveness and clean, corrected teeth are the foundation of a good smile.

According to an ACNielsen survey conducted in 1999, around 81 per cent of Australians think good-looking teeth make for a nice smile and thus a more attractive appearance. In addition, 82 per cent of those surveyed think good teeth, and a nice smile is important to building up a person’s self-esteem. With such numbers, it’s easy to see how a simple matter like improving the aesthetics of your teeth can have a huge impact on your overall appearance, on how you perceive yourself and on how others perceive you in turn.

Many adults experience dental issues in the form of a malocclusion , or a problem with crowding and poor spacing in their teeth. Crowding affects around 24 per cent of all women and 14 per cent of all men, at a rate that far exceeds what children or adolescents experience even while their teeth are still growing. An adult with a malocclusion is thus more likely to experience issues with self-esteem and showing off their smile in public.

Where to Go for the Best Aesthetic Dental Care

Fortunately, there are several options for treating a malocclusion, such as dental braces. Better still, adults have the option of choosing an alternative to the unsightly metal wire-and-bracket braces that many children and adolescents wear. Invisible braces, available through top brands like Invisalign®, allow adults to correct their teeth on a daily basis without embarrassing themselves in front of others. These braces can even be removed for brushing your teeth and important social activities.

When you’re faced with a malocclusion or other types of uncorrected teeth, you can turn to your local orthodontist for help. The team at our clinic is here for you. We look forward to helping you improve your smile and your overall confidence. We know a beautiful smile can make all the difference!

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