Orthodontics VS. DIY Treatments

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With the dental world ever-changing, it was only a matter of time before at-home solutions made an appearance. Whilst this may be appealing as a cost-effective and quick solution, there are a few aspects of at-home kits that can cause more problems.

Home straightening kits are not monitored by a professional, which is a crucial element of any orthodontic process. When you go to an orthodontist, you are meeting an experienced orthodontist who will analyse your teeth and guide you through the entire process. However, the at-home kits require you to go through the process yourself, which may seem ideal, especially if you are unable to visit a dentist regularly, but this means you have to prepare the initial mould yourself. This is the very first step and it can determine how successful your treatment will be. If the mould is incorrect it can actually cause more harm than good, affecting more than just your teeth. 

An orthodontist conducts x-rays and thorough examinations to establish how your orthodontic journey will progress and if your jaw and joints need attention as well. These are the details that are important but can be missed when you go through a DIY option. By only addressing the surface level, aesthetic problems with your teeth, you skim over deeper problems.

Some home kits offer six-month plans, whilst this may seem ideal, this is due to the appliance only fixing the superficial problems. This means that your teeth aren’t receiving post-treatment care and they will quickly shift back to their original positions. As mentioned, the deeper issues aren’t addressed, this can include bite problems and jaw misalignment. When we commence your treatment, we establish what needs to be fixed and monitor the progress of each problem area. This allows us to make any changes that may need to be made throughout the process, unlike the home kits, which have a set timeline. 

At the end of your treatment, we will continue to see you and ensure that your teeth are still looking great. We provide both a fixed and temporary retainer, which will ensure that even though your braces or Invisalign are done. These all contribute to creating a beautiful and long-lasting smile. 

Invisalign may seem very similar, if not the same, as the products available for at-home treatment, however, when applied by an orthodontist, resin dots are involved in the process. The dots allow the Invisalign to do the job properly. 

Every person is different, so no orthodontic treatment is the same. DIY kits don’t allow for customisation, so it’s almost impossible to guarantee that everyone will have success with the delivered products. 

If you feel that a home kit might suit you, we highly recommend that you conduct research before you sign up. The low costs may seem tempting, but if you get to the end and it hasn’t worked for you, the process for fixing any damage could prove to be a costly venture. If you are unsure about what treatment will suit you the most, get in touch with our team, we can help you understand the process more thoroughly.


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